Advanced Blackjack Strategies

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Advanced Blackjack Strategies and Tips

Advanced Blackjack StrategiesSurrender - if the player considers that they have been dealt a particularly poor hand, the blackjack hand can be 'surrendered', which means that the cards are removed by the casino dealer and half of the player's initial stake money is removed.

Over / Under 13 - player's have the opportunity to make an additional bet that their first two cards will be either over or under 13. If the two blackjack cards total 13, the player loses this additional bet. Regardless of the outcome, the player continues to play their hand as normal.

Multiple Action Blackjack - where the player retains the same hand for three consecutive games and the casino dealer retains the same up card, with the possibility of a good hand winning three times in a row.

Three Sevens - where a player is dealt three cards to the value of seven, the bet can be made at the same time as the initial bet.

Blackjack Skills - this is a game where the card player's actual skill, experience and expertise has a serious effect of their overall winnings.

Doubling Your Bet - doubling is only allowed for the first two cards dealt to a player in any one blackjack game and players are then only given one further card to add to each of their hands. A double bet in blackjack is made by placing chips behind the main bet once the two cards have been dealt to the player's hand. Winning bets of this kind are paid at 'evens', although rules can vary somewhat at different casinos, so it is always worth asking first before doubling your bet.


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