Blackjack Tips and Scoring

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Information about Blackjack Tips and Scoring

Blackjack Tips and ScoringScoring at blackjack is fairly simple. The values of each card in the player's hand are totalled to obtain an overall score, with cards between two to ten scoring as their face value only. Kings, queens and jacks, also known as 'court cards', score as ten, and aces initially score as eleven, although this scoring value decreases to one if the hand exceeds 21 during the course of the game.

An ace card, plus any other card scoring as ten, counts as 'blackjack' which is the highest possible score. However, only the first two cards dealt can actually make 'blackjack', with split hands scoring 21 not counting.

Beginning the Game

When starting to play the game, blackjack players may bet on as many boxes as they like, with the option of either playing themselves, or in some countries and casinos, betting on another player's hand.

Once the initial bets have been placed on the casino's blackjack table, in the designated table boxes, players are then dealt two cards each, both of which face up and are visible to all players, including the casino dealer. The dealer also receives two cards, although only one of their cards is faced up, with the other card remaining undisclosed to players, facing down on the blackjack table.

Once players have assessed the potential of their hand, they are able to choose a number of different options, in an attempt to beat the blackjack dealer, whilst not exceeding a total score of more than 21.


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