Blackjack Betting, Cards and Hands

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Information About Insurance

Blackjack Betting, Cards and HandsPlayers are able to take blackjack insurance if the casino dealer's first card is an ace. This type of insurance is an additional bet, which is equal to half of the player's original stake money, insuring against the change of the casino dealer obtaining a 'blackjack' hand of 21.

In the event that the casino dealer does actually obtain 'blackjack', the original bet is lost, although the player's insurance bet is paid with odds of two to one.

Whether the casino dealer obtains a 'blackjack' 21 hand or not, the net result remains the same, with the player winning even money. At most casinos, when a player takes out insurance, the evens money is paid out straight away and the cards removed from the table.

In general, taking blackjack insurance is not considered as a sensible bet, since the casino dealer's odds of obtaining 'blackjack' are relatively low.

Information About Additional Bets

Many casinos and gambling outlets now allow additional betting, although in general, it is best to concentrate on playing and learning the card game itself, as additional blackjack betting does not offer particularly good value.


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