Blackjack Table Layout

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Playing Blackjack at Casinos

Blackjack Table LayoutWhen playing blackjack at casinos, this exciting card game is usually played on a semi-circular table. With up to seven spaces, the blackjack table is operated by an experienced casino dealer, who is able to quickly shuffle and deal the cards, and also play the game, paying out of winning bets and collecting losing bets.

You are able to play with more than one hand when playing blackjack, with each actual hand counting as a separate bet against the dealer at the casino.

Shuffling the Cards

Most blackjack dealers prefer to shuffle the deck of cards by hand, although some casinos favour automatic shuffling machines. Once the cards have been shuffled, the casino dealers invite players to cut the cards and often the top card is then removed, in an attempt to deter card counters.

Initial Betting

At the start of the blackjack game, players make an initial bet and then the casino dealer begins to deal the cards, with one card being dealt face up to each players, and face down to the dealer.

A second blackjack card is then dealt, face up to both the players and the dealer. Players then total the value of their hand and try to assess the dealers hand, before deciding how to proceed.


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