Playing Casino Blackjack

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Information about Playing Blackjack

When playing casino blackjack, the dealer always plays from their left. Initial bets are placed in the boxes as marked on the diagram.

Player A - currently has a total score of 10 (6 + 4), and so they will continue to 'hit' until there score approaches 21.

Player B - has blackjack (ace + jack) and so is paid out immediately, since the dealer's up card indicates that they are not able to achieve blackjack themselves.

Player C - has a score of 12 (first ace = 11 + second ace = 1). This would be an ideal hand to split.

Player D - has a score of 17 (10 + 7), a reasonable hand where most players would 'stand'.

Player E - has a score of 14 (6 + 8), a poor hand, although any additional cards scoring over 7 will mean that they will exceed 21 and go 'bust'.

This can be a fast game, where the casino dealers distribute the cards at high speed. All strategies often need to be decided quickly and regular playing is one of the best ways to learn about playing casino blackjack.

Quiet and considered observation is also a popular way to get to grips with playing casino blackjack, particularly when experienced players are playing, gambling, betting and winning.


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