Blackjack Card Game Basics

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Blackjack Card Game Basics

Blackjack Basics and Simple Rules

Once a player's total score exceeds 21, they have lost at that particular card game and the casino dealer clears the cards away, regardless of the dealer's final score.

Blackjack players only 'stand' and take no further cards when they are fully satisfied that their cards have the potential to beat the casino dealer's final score.

When all players indicate that they wish to stand at the game, the casino dealer begins to play their own blackjack hand and reveals their card that is facing down (also known as the dealer's 'hole card').

Blackjack Scores

Blackjack Card Game BasicsIf the casino's dealer holds a hand with a total score of 17 or over, casino rules dictate that they must stand. However, if their hand is 16 or less, the casino dealer must continue to take cards until to total hand scores more than 16.

When the casino's dealer has a score of below 21, all players with higher scores win and are paid accordingly.

If a player's total score ties with the casino dealer's score, this is known as a stand-off. In this case, the bet is not lost and the player's original stake money is simply returned.

When a player is dealt a 'blackjack' hand and the casino dealer is unable to make 'blackjack', the player's winnings are paid out and the cards removed, before any further cards are dealt. However, in the case that a dealer's up card is an ace or playing card with a total value of ten, the player with the 'blackjack' hand waits until all of the other players' hands have been dealt, as the casino dealer's hand has potential to obtain 'blackjack' 21.

Burning Cards

One of the main methods to deter card counting, adopted by casinos and dealers, is 'card burning'. Blackjack card burning is where several cards are dealt unseen into the discarded card pile. Also, many casino dealers regularly shuffle the cards, either by hand or by using a fast shuffling machine, and may add further decks to the 'shoe' pile.


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